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Cash-Bar: the reference to earn money on Internet

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You can get paid to surf on Internet. And this is completely legal.

How does it work?
The principle is simple: certain companies pay you to display a bar of publicity in your navigator. This system of promotion is very interesting for the advertisers because publicities arrive directly on the screen of the potential customer, they can be even personalized. For this reason they are ready to pay you so that you use their system.

Thus, while you surf, these companies enter time that you pass with their bar of publicity. Then they pay you the amounts corresponding to time that you passed surfing.

How much can you earn?
That depends on the company which you will choose. Some pay between 0,40$ and 1$ of the hour, others pay a percentage of the incomes resulting from their advertisers. You will say to me that it is not enormous but knows that you can cumulate several systems at the same time. Being given that there are some nearly a score (list of the companies), you will be able to gain up to 14$ per hour. But for the moment, all the systems are not available in all countries, those currently available currently bring back to you more than 4$/heure.

Moreover, you have the possibility of sponsoring other people and to gain in more one percentage of their profits (between 5 and 25%). If these same people sponsor in their turn, you still will gain a certain additional percentage according to the company (see table of the companies). And there, you can even double, triple to quadruple your profits!

You want to be registered?
It is simple, you have to traverse the list of the companies and to click on the name of each one of these companies. Then you will have to fill an inscription form. Attention, you will have to wait a certain time for certain companies before being able to download their software. Currently, there are 10 of them for which the software is available immediately: they are
MediaBarre, CashSurfers, Spedia, PayBar, GetPaid4, Desktopdollars, Dollar-Web, AllAdvantage, mValue et GoToWorld.

Register you with a maximum of companies: more quickly you will be registered, more quickly you will receive your cashbar and will make benefits.

Moreover, if you wish to sponsor other people, I can build for you your page web.


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