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Pub companies - Companies

- French -

iPubz (French)
They gather 2 advertisers: you gain 100FF by domain name deposited and 500FF from commission on the creation of virtual shops.

KennedyNet (French)
You earn 60FF for each recording of domain name.


- English -
One and Only (English)
Various possibilities of partnership.

ClickTrade (English)
They gather a great number of companies with which you must ask for a partnership.

Websponsors (English)
You must have at least 100 to 200 visites per day.

Cyberbounty (English)
3 levels of sponsorship. You must receive 350 visits minimum per day. (English)
You earn 0.03$ for each search carried out starting from a button. A second system enables you to gain between 5$ et 8$ per 1000 search carried out on your site.

Pub companies - Companies

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